I designed a new suite of icons for the FanDuel product and introduced guidelines for expanding and maintaining them across multiple platforms.

Full icon set
Icon selection
Icons on Apple watch
17 × 17 pixel grid
Line break in icon
Icon rounded corners

To combine the icons with the relatively flat user interface. I decided that the drawing style should have a two-dimensional appearance, avoiding the illusion of a light source or depth and to keep the icons clean and functional.

Icon details

I looked at how the icons would sit in context, which for the most part was with text — in buttons and menu items. I used a 1-pixel line weight to pair with the typeface and rounded the stroke caps and object corners, to give them a subtle softness.

Icon path coordinates

The baseline is set using a 17 × 17 pixel grid. I consciously chose to use an odd number to allow any centred lines to sit perfectly in the middle of the grid — ensuring I only included the necessary details in each drawing.

Icons as part of a UI displayed on iPhones

Selected work